Earlier this year, we delivered new Girbau washers to the Medisch Centrum Leeuwarden, a prominent Dutch hospital. The hospital is famous for its important cardiology clinic. Instead of the standard factory control, the hospital opted for Smart Control. And several large clients only order new machines with Smart Control. There are important reasons for this trend; sure, there are government incentives such as subsidies.

In the case of the Dutch hospital, they primarily chose Smart Control for its ability to clean environmentally friendlier. In fact, that was according to the environmental guidelines. But there’s more. Before, we dive in the green advantages: First, what is Smart Control exactly?

30 More Volume, Without Increasing Costs

Smart Control is the universal control by Vartex for all washer extractors on the planet. It’s engineered to make the laundry more efficient and effective. Here’s how a case study by Elis confirms this purpose:

• Vartex customers generate an average of 30% more volume, without increasing costs.

• The output of Vartex’ customers increases by 20% on average.

• The collection and analysis of data is done automatically, saving companies costs and preventing information from being lost.

• Significant time and cost savings by reorganizing washing processes.

• Selecting wash programs is less time consuming and prone to errors. Operators select the right wash programs for each batch on a clear display.

• Schneider Electric parts are universal, quickly and locally available. Companies are not dependent on one party for maintenance and service of machines.

Selecting pre-made programs reduces risk of making errors

Clean Green

The findings by Elis are one part of the reason why our clients choose Smart Control to power their washers or dryer. Another big reason is the ability to clean green more easily. 

You get to control the way you clean your linen. In Smart Control, you can very easily put together a tailor-made washing program. This way you choose the appropriate water use, dosage, duration of the dosage, etc. The program you designed is then saved; the next time you are just a single touch away from a successful batch.

This allows you to ensure ecologically responsible water use. Research shows that you can save water by 34% when a 68 kg machine is with 45 kg of linen. There’s one condition though: the water needs to match the load. Unfortunately, this is not the case in reality; in fact, coordinating water and load is not easily accessible with standard machine controls. However, that changes with Smart Control, which enables you to tailor your water usage to your load.

Save 34% Water

Research by TKT shows that matching the water level to the load results in strong energy savings. The example they give is a saving of 34% with a load of 45 kg in a 68 kg machine, on condition that the water is adjusted to the load. Unfortunately, this is not always the case; in fact, coordination is often not possible with current controls.

TKT reports that the discrepancy between loading and water can only be solved with the correct control (software). That is exactly the purpose of Smart Control. In Smart Control you can very easily put together a tailor-made washing program. This way you choose the correct water use, dosage, duration of the dosage, etc.

So, whether you want to save more water, make less errors in the cleaning process or just increase your volume by 30%, there’s more than one reason to smarten up your washer. 

Today, there are many incentives to clean more ecologically and there are organizations, such as our hospital client, that just want to clean greener internally. Do you want to know how you can clean easier and more ecologically?

Reach out today and we’ll be more than happy to help you in your quest to clean greener and more effectively. 

Want to know more about Smart Control for Washers? Feel free to visit our website and download a Smart Control for Washers brochure here. Or just reach out to Esma and we’ll be more than happy to answer your questions.