Transfer Chemicals Safely with QR Codes


Transferring chemicals from IBC tanks to storage tanks can be a hazardous act. For instance, when things go wrong, employees’ health and environment can be affected negatively. Therefore, the transfer needs to be carried out carefully.

With Smart Filling, you’re in control of filling your storage tanks safely. As soon as the new detergents are delivered by truck in IBC tanks, Smart Filling pumps them directly to the correct tanks. To keep things safe and sound, a four step protocol consisting of four QR codes confirm the right chemicals for the right tanks.

The system is available in combination with Smart Dosing, but it can also be purchased separately.

4 step Safety Process

Our in house Smart Filling software is made for hardware by Schneider Electric. The powerful PLC and HMI (Human Machine Interface) make safety a touch easier.

Live Tank Status

The PLC and HMI allow laundry staff to view the tank status in real time. This information can also be viewed in Laundry Intelligence by Vartex.

Interaction with Smart Dosing

Manage your detergents with the power of IoT

Automatic orders; don’t run out of detergents

With Smart Dosing and Smart Filling, your data is stored in the cloud so you can track your detergent use in the Laundry Intelligence Dashboard. You can determine the level at which new detergents are ordered. The system notifies your chemical supplier and a new order is placed automatically. This way, the chance of running out of detergents is decreased.  

Smart Dosing


The Smart Dosing installation is an all-in-one central dosing system for automatic dosing of liquid chemicals to washer extractors. The powerful PLC makes it possible to dose up to 12 chemicals and up to 15 washing machines.
With Smart Dosing’s user-friendly OS, dosing detergents becomes easier and greener.

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