The Future of the laundry is in your hands

Introducing the world’s first mobile laundry hub. The Vartex App does not only make data visible from stand-alone washers and dryers but can be used to distribute and order spare parts directly. The versatility of the App offers mobile solutions for both laundries and their distributors.

The entire laundry in the palm of your hands

Our smart phones connect us to the modern world we live in today. We set our thermostat, book restaurants, and stay in touch with family and friends via our phones. And now, you can manage your laundry on your phone.

We spent years engineering a portable way of laundry management. In this modern day, you can order spare parts, check finished batches, access machine documentation, solve maintenance and more on your phone.

The smartest laundry

To meet the goals and wishes of each organization accurately, we have designed two plans. Laundries can opt for a Light or Advanced plan.


  • Order Parts Directly
  • Access Order History
  • Access Machine Documentation
  • Insights in Washers & Dryers
  • Solve Machine Maintenance
  • Access Maintenance Report
  • Plan Machine Maintenance
  • Receive Alarms of Machine Malfunctions

There are no extra requirements for the Light Membership.


  • Insights in Washers & Dryers
  • Order Parts Directly
  • Access Order History
  • Solve Machine Maintenance
  • Access Maintenance Report
  • Plan Machine Maintenance
  • Access Machine Documentation
  • Receive Alarms of Machine Malfunctions

There are three ways to access the Advanced Membership. If you use the following products, the Vartex App unleashes your full potential:

1. Membership of Laundry Intelligence (in this case The Vartex App is Free)

2. Use of Smart Control

3. The use of Girbau 6000 Series Washers & ED Dryer Series

Fulfill clients’ wishes the easy way

For distributors we created a knowledge hub and marketplace in one. The App becomes an exclusive marketplace of spare parts and knowledge center for manuals and documentation. Clients of distributors can access information from their phones on site. Walking back and forth from computer to machine is history.

Of course, we realize that each organization is unique. So reach out and learn how you can serve your clients specifically with The Vartex App.

Advanced analytics

Get a quick overall view of your machinery’s performance.


Receive notifications for alarms, time exceedings, temperature exceedings, and more.

Machine documentation

Access spare parts-books, user manuals and more documentation.

order parts & save Order history

Order parts directly from the palm of your hands.

maintenance reminders

The Vartex App reminds you to perform maintenance on your machinery. You decide the interval.

Solve maintenance

Solve maintenance inside the app.

easy access on iOS & Android

Download the Vartex App simply from your favorite App Store. We support both Apple iOS and Android smartphones.

Free Updates

We keep expanding and improving The Vartex App. That’s why updates are free.

independent app

You can also use The Vartex App without a Laundry Intelligence subscription.

Unleash your full potential

To use The Vartex App, a Laundry Intelligence subscription is not necessary. Paired with Laundry Intelligence though, the full potential of your laundry is unleashed. Laundry Intelligence and the Vartex App combine the power of knowledge with the practicality of on the move decision making.

Reach out today and let’s talk about your laundry that’s about to get smarter.