Meet the world’s smartest dryer control

Vartex was the first company to create a universal washer control. And now we’ve engineered a universal smart control for stand alone dryers.

Instead of outdated printed circuit boards, Smart Control for Dryers is powered by a powerful PLC. The high-resolution touchscreen brings the intuitive operating system to life and gives you full control over your drying process.



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Infrared vs. Humidity

It’s a matter of and/or

It’s entirely up to you. Determine whether the batch is dry via an infrared sensor, humidity sensor or both.

Ecological and Quality benefits

The infrared sensor ensures a shorter drying time during which the linen is dried. An infrared dryer can save 40% time compared to a regular dryer. This way, the linen is not dried longer than necessary: no more residue ends up in the environment.

This shorter drying time then results in five proven benefits for the laundry:

  • Smart energy saving
  • Better quality of the dried linen
  • The chance of wet linen after drying is minimal
  • Longer lifespan of textiles
  • 40% saving of time and costs compared to regular dryers

Always connected

Get those stand-alone dryers off the island

Smart Control remains connected via WiFi. This means you can create custom programs and access your washer remotely. The internet connection also allows you to receive software updates whenever is convenient.

We create a server unique to your organization. That’s where the data, collected by your washers and dryers, is saved. Optionally, you can access and display your data in the Laundry Intelligence dashboard and Vartex App.

Configure more than 100 programs

The perfect batch is just a few touches away

Smart Control allows users to create more than 100 programs (remotely). Once you’re done, easily download them from the servers straight to the washer. The perfect program is just a few touches away.

Universal Control

Smart Control works with any stand-alone dryer on the market. Regardless of brand or manufacturer.


Create more than 100 custom programs according to your organization’s and clients demands.

Dry & Clean Green

Save energy by drying infrared. By not using more natural resources than necessary, we take care of our planet.

User Friendly

Even though Smart Control comes with a user manual, the OS is designed for user friendliness.


A plethora of settings allow Smart Control for a seamless integration in your organization.

Multiple Languages

Smart Control speaks English, French, Spanish, German, Polish, Chinese, Thai, Slovenian, Portuguese, Hungarian, Turkish and Dutch.

Free Updates

We keep updating Smart Control so you have the best operating system on your dryer. That’s why they’re free.

Truly Universal

One for all

Smart Control is the world’s most advanced universal dryer-control. The operating system is compatible with machines from every manufacturer, allowing Smart Control to integrate with your current systems. Seamlessly.

So, it doesn’t matter whether you have a Girbau, Tolon, UniMac, etc. Smart Control makes your stand-alone washer dryer and more efficient.

Smart Control speaks your language

A true world citizen

To keep Smart Control accessible, Smart Control comes equipped with the world’s most common languages. Smart Control speaks English, French, Spanish, German, Polish, Chinese, Thai, Slovenian, Portuguese, Hungarian, Turkish and Dutch.

Benefits of Smart Control

We can tell you all about the benefits of Smart Control. But don’t just take our word for it. Recently, Schneider Electric did a case study about Smart Control at Elis, one of the world’s largest laundry chains.

Here the key findings:

  • On average, Vartex customers run 30% more volume, without increasing costs.
  • The output of Vartex ’customers increases on average by 20%.
  • The collection and analysis of data is automatic, which saves companies costs and prevents information from being lost.
  • Considerable time and cost savings by reorganizing washing processes.
  • Selecting washing programs is less time-consuming and error-prone. Operators select the right washing programs for each batch on a well-arranged display.


(Source: Schneider Electric)

Praise for Smart Control

“(…) Everything is aimed at allowing the operator to always choose the most optimal program. This reduces the use of chemicals and prevents wear and tear of the laundry. At the same time, he receives all the current information about the progress to avoid possible malfunctions. With this new technology, Vartex customers are able to achieve 32 percent more output with the same number of machines. “

Sander Dasselaar

Vice President Industry Benelux, Schneider Electric

“Last year, thanks to Schneider Electric and Vartex, we ran 32% more batches at the same cost. (…)

Good monitoring gives you clearer insight into everything. Such as: How soiled are those clothes? Can’t this be done with a lighter washing program? So that you use fewer chemicals, but also that you need much less time. In principle, you can save 50% of your time. And then you can run 50% more machines. That can ultimately save you a lot of money.

(…) With Smart Control, the operator only takes one action, so you make fewer mistakes. “

Jacko Dekker

General Manager, Elis Hoogeveen

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