The global shift towards sustainability has put a spotlight on industrial laundries to adopt greener practices. With water scarcity and rising energy costs, it’s crucial for these facilities to find efficient ways to save natural resources and meet ecological goals. Enter Vartex Smart Control and Laundry Intelligence—innovative solutions that enable industrial laundries to clean more efficiently while reducing their environmental footprint.

Smart Control for washers on a UNICA washer extractor
Smart Control running on a UNICA washer extractor

Key Benefits of Using Vartex Smart Control and Laundry Intelligence

1. Significant Reduction in Water Usage

Water is a precious resource, and industrial laundries are known for their high consumption. Vartex Smart Control optimizes water usage, ensuring that not a drop is wasted while maintaining superior cleaning quality.

2. Energy Efficiency

Running washers and dryers can consume a significant amount of energy. Vartex Smart Control and Laundry Intelligence work together to minimize energy consumption. This not only helps in lowering utility bills but also significantly reduces the carbon footprint of your operations. Laundry Intelligence provides real-time insights into water, energy, and detergent usage, allowing you to compare programmed parameters with real-life data.

3. Enhanced Equipment Longevity

Regular wear and tear can shorten the lifespan of laundry equipment. By operating washers and dryers at their optimal settings, Vartex Smart Control extends the life of your machines, reducing the need for frequent replacements and saving you money in the long run.

4. Improved Laundry Quality

Consistency is key in the laundry business. The precise control and monitoring offered by Vartex Smart Control and Laundry Intelligence ensure consistently high-quality cleaning, leading to greater customer satisfaction and loyalty.

5. Sustainable Practices

With a focus on eco-friendly operations, the use of Vartex Smart Control and Laundry Intelligence aligns perfectly with global sustainability goals. These technologies make it easier for industrial laundries to implement and maintain sustainable practices. They allow users to track their energy usage and make adjustments where needed. Sometimes, the programmed temperatures or water levels are exceeded when this is not necessary. Knowing this, allows users to make adjustments in their processes.

Line of dryers standing next to each other in a laundry
Line of Image dryers, run by Smart Control

Real-World Success Stories

Increased Volume Without Higher Costs

Research shows that users of Smart Control achieve an average of 30% increased volume without incurring additional costs. This remarkable efficiency allows businesses to scale up their operations sustainably.

Output and Data Management

On average, the output of Vartex customers increases by 20%. The automatic collection and analysis of data save costs and prevent information loss, making operations smoother and more efficient.

Time and Cost Savings

Significant time and cost savings are achieved by selecting one of more than 100 saved washing programs. Selecting wash programs becomes less time-consuming and error-prone, thanks to an intuitive display that allows operators to choose the correct programs for each batch easily.

Universal Parts and Maintenance

The components from Schneider Electric used in Vartex systems are universally available and can be quickly sourced locally. This means businesses are not dependent on a single party for machine maintenance and service, ensuring minimal downtime and continuous operation.

Smart Control finished a batch on a 57KG Girbau washer

Save energy & money

Adopting Vartex Smart Control and Laundry Intelligence equips industrial laundries with the tools they need to save natural resources, reduce operational costs, and maintain high-quality standards. In a world increasingly conscious of sustainability, these technologies not only offer practical benefits but also position your business as a leader in eco-friendly practices.

Ready to transform your laundry operations and make a positive impact on the environment? Contact one of our experts today and discover how Vartex can help you achieve your ecological goals.


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