The accurate and green way to dose detergents. All in one.

The Smart Dosing installation is an all-in-one central dosing system for automatic dosing of liquid chemicals to washer extractors. The powerful PLC makes it possible to dose up to 12 chemicals and up to 15 washing machines.
With Smart Dosing’s user-friendly OS, dosing detergents becomes easier and greener.

Clean Green

Limit the use of chemicals

We need to take care of our planet. And limiting waste is a simple strategy in our green mission. Smart Dosing lets you match your detergent usage with your exact load. So, the next time you load a 50KG washer with less than the maximum capacity, your chemical level will match your exact load.


  • Separate calibration of each product via chemical valves
  • Flow meter ensures precise volumetric dosing
  • Constant monitoring & correcting the dosages by Self-diagnostic system
  • Adjust and match dosing to actual weight for cleaning environmentally friendly
  • System checks daily on accurate closure of chemical valves at system start


  • Closed cabinet
  • Unique User Profiles
  • Different chemicals separated by water in dosing lines
  • Water and/or air flushing after each dosing


  • Proof of Flow units that can detect all chemicals, including non-ionics & Proof of Delivery
  • Equipped with plc with memory card, for complete & correct follow up of dosing
  • Possible to trace down to customer level

Here’s how it works

Manage your detergents with the power of IoT

Automatic orders; don’t run out of detergents

With Smart Dosing and Smart Filling, your data is stored in the cloud so you can track your detergent use in the Laundry Intelligence Dashboard. You can determine the level at which new detergents are ordered. The system notifies your chemical supplier and a new order is placed automatically. This way, the chance of running out of detergents is decreased.  

Universal Dosing System

Smart Dosing works with any stand-alone washer on the market. Regardless of brand or manufacturer. 


Create more than 100 custom programs according to your organization’s and clients demands.

Clean Green

Determine the level of detergents you use. By not using more resources than necessary, we take care of our planet.

User Friendly

Even though Smart Dosing comes with a user manual, the OS is designed for user friendliness.


A plethora of settings allow Smart Dosing for a seamless integration in your organization.

Multiple Languages

Smart Dosing speaks English & Dutch.

Free Updates

We keep updating Smart Dosing so you have the best way to dose your washers. That’s why updates are free.

Smart Filling


With Smart Filling, you’re in control of filling your storage tanks. As soon as the new detergents are delivered by truck in IBC tanks, Smart Filling pumps them directly to your tanks. To keep things safe and sound, a QR code confirms the right chemicals for the correct tanks.

The system is available in combination with Smart Dosing, but it can also be purchased separately.

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