The only way to manage your laundry remotely

We’ve created the first intelligent software that helps you to manage your stand-alone washer-extractors, drying tumblers and other equipment. Until now, there was no way to connect washers and dryers to your laundry’s business software. Washers and dryers remained on an island. Disconnected from the whole laundry.

With Vartex Laundry Intelligence, you can easily connect stand-alone equipment to your laundry’s business software.

Laundry Analytics & Finances

The end of the black box

Laundry Intelligence displays your machinery’s performance in realtime. The user friendly interface allows for a detailed view with just a hover.

Your machinery is no longer a set of  black boxes. Laundry Intelligence shows you what’s going on inside with unmatched accuracy. And if you tell LI the price of your water, gas or electricity and manpower, it will calculate exactly the cost of a single batch.


Validate your process

Laundry Intelligence visualizes your cleaning process to meet clients’ demands and wishes. Sensitive industries, such as the medical and food sector, benefit from the validation of cleaning processes.

The accuracy of Laundry Intelligence helps laundries to validate the customer’s requirements.

Spare Parts

A direct line to your supplier

From now, you can order your spare parts directly via Laundry Intelligence from Vartex. And Laundry Intelligence is open for third-party distributors.

Official distributors of spare parts can apply here to use Laundry Intelligence to serve their clients directly.


Plan, get reminded and solve it right then and there

Laundry Intelligence allows users to easily plan maintenance on their machinery. Simply set the interval and receive a notification when it’s time to perform the task at hand. And while checking off the maintenance in Laundry Intelligence, you can easily order extra spare parts for the machine in question. 

Planning and performing maintenance was never this easy.


Videos & Documentation

A moving picture speaks a million words

As a complete hub for your laundry, Laundry Intelligence is the place for all the documentation you need. Suppliers of equipment can easily upload part books, user manuals, you name it.

And you’re not limited to text; users can access instructional videos as well. Suppliers of equipment can simply upload videos on the platform about, for instance, how to solve a certain malfunction. If a picture speaks a thousand words, a moving picture speaks a million.

A complete hub

Laundry, meet supplier. Supplier, meet laundry.

Clients of Vartex already enjoy the above benefits. If you’re a distributor, supplier or manufacturer, you can also serve your clients directly. What’s more, Laundry Intelligence can be tailored to your organization’s needs. So, get in touch to discuss the future of your organization.

real-time analytics

Check the status of  washing/drying programs from a distance in real time. This helps you to spot machine failure quickly


Receive notifications for alarms, time exceedings, temperature exceedings, and more

order parts

Order parts directly without leaving the platform

Machine documentation & Videos

Access spare parts-books, user manuals and videos on the platform

maintenance reminders

Laundry Intelligence reminds you to perform maintenance on your machinery. You decide the interval

Solve maintenances

Solve maintenances inside the app

Calculate costs

Laundry Intelligence calculates the exact price of one single batch. Just tell it the price of your water, electricity and manpower

Generate reports

Generate data reports over a certain period, per machine, time or program

Free Updates

We keep expanding and improving Laundry Intelligence

How to get access

Join the club

We don’t like to make stuff more complicated than necessary. That’s why there are two simple ways to access Laundry Intelligence. If you use these two products, you can enjoy the ease of Laundry Intelligence:

1. Smart Control
2. Girbau 6000 Series Washers & ED Series Dryers

Full access to the Vartex App

The future of the laundry is in your hands

Laundry Intelligence clients get complimentary full access to the Vartex App. This is the world’s first app that provides insights into stand-alone washers and dryer. Learn more here.

We can talk all day about Laundry Intelligence’s features and benefits. There’s so much you can see and do. But we don’t want to bore you with more dry text.

Get in touch, and we’ll set up a demo account for you. Explore Laundry Intelligence and be the judge yourself. And hey, there’s no commitment and no charge.

We Promise.

The IoT solution for both laundries and partners

Laundry Intelligence is an IoT solution for both laundries and their partners, whether they’re suppliers or manufacturers. Before, there was no way to run your organization remotely. But today, Laundry Intelligence users collect and analyze data, order parts, access videos and documentation, and more. We offer plans for laundries and suppliers, distributors or manufacturers.


Laundries can easily sign up and choose one of the aforementioned ways to connect their systems. When a laundry is connected to the platform, it starts using the available functions. Vartex provides documentation and handles orders of parts.


When suppliers, distributors and manufacturers invest in their own version of Laundry Intelligence, they will serve their clients independently with software support from Vartex.

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