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Founded by Hoessein Forouzfar and son Darius in The Netherlands, Vartex is a family business with over 25 years of experience in the laundry industry. We started as a supplier of professional laundry equipment; since the beginning, we’re a proud partner of the world’s greatest laundries and linen services.

Inspired by these relationships and our gathered knowledge, we took the next step. It was time to make laundries more efficient and environmentally friendlier. So, we created our own software solutions for laundries. And we consciously decided to do it locally in the Netherlands. Our software is proudly made in The Netherlands.

Today, we’re a one-stop location in the laundry industry. That means we not only distribute machinery, but we also create software for the entire laundry: From automating stand-alone washers and dryers to tunnel washers, and everything in between. Working with the best engineers, we take on every challenge that pushes the industry forward.

To put it briefly, in addition to our distributorship, our product line consists of five innovations: Smart Control for Washers & Dryers, Laundry Intelligence, The Vartex App, Smart Dosing and Smart Filling.

The world’s first universal control for washers & dryers powered by a PLC.

The mobile hub for laundries and their distributors

The most advanced laundry BI software on the market

The Modern Era

It’s our mission to help laundries save resources and clean more effectively while meeting their clients’ increasing demands. For instance, our customers use Laundry Intelligence to validate their processes (e.g. making sure all bacteria are killed). And Smart Control allows them to save water by tailoring water levels to the linen load.

Today, our company is at a unique position. We still offer the following products: washing machines, dryers, ironers, steam machines, ironing machines, folding machines and insertion machines. But we also offer a complete set of innovative laundry software.

In a Nutshell

our services and products

Complete Laundry Automatization

With 25+ years of experience in the professional laundry business, we’re ready to help your laundry to the next level. Do you want increase your capacity? Save costs? Improve productivity?

We automate complete laundries: From stand-alone washers and dryers to tunnel washers, we do it all.

Software: The Vartex Laundry Dashboard, Smart Control & Vartex App

Vartex is a laundry technology company. We write custom software for our laundry clients and help automize the washing process. We also have a standard solution for stand-alone washers and dryers: Vartex Laundry Dashboard. That software helps you to save time and money by offering remote operation for washers and dryers.

Supply Laundry Equipment & Provide Maintenance

Need new equipment to keep up with your laundry’s growth? Or is your old equipment ready for an upgrade? We’ve got you. Vartex is the official dealer of Girbau, Unica and Image in the Netherlands.

Philosophy & Values

At Vartex, we like to make complicated things simple. We believe in a one-stop approach. Literally, our products are designed as one-stop destinations: Laundry Intelligence is where your laundry’s entire activity comes together, ready for analysis. Together with the Vartex App, it lets you manage remotely; solve maintenances and order spare parts. Finally, Smart Control is where you tailor washing programs to your needs and trim the fat diagnosed by Laundry Intelligence. But our one-stop vision is carried wider.

As a company, we help our clients in the process of setting up or expanding their laundry. We offer consulting, software and distribute the equipment. That’s what we call a one stop shop.

And while we work, we like to do things sustainably and environmentally friendly. We’re proud that our products help clients fulfill their green ambitions.

Engineering the Future of the Laundry


We aim to offer complete solutions for laundries all over the world. From start to finish, we aim to provide companies with the best equipment, software and advice to run their laundry in the best possible way. Innovation and listening to our customers is crucial in our business operations.

Simply get in touch with our team and find out how we can make your laundry smarter, more efficient and environmentally friendlier.

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