One for all

From English, to Thai, to Spanish to German… our washer and dryer control probably speak your language. Smart Control for Washers and Dryers are both universal dryer and washer controls. That means that that standard washers and dryers from any manufacturer can be converted to a Smart Washer or Smart Dryer. But that also means that these washers and dryers are the easiest to control for your operators. That’s why we did our best to make it available in many languages. 

The Languages

Right now, Smart Control for Washers and Dryers speak English, French, Spanish, German, Polish, Chinese, Thai, Slovenian, Portuguese, Hungarian, Turkish and Dutch. The vision behind Smart Control is to simplify the process for laundry operators and to help them make less mistakes. Obviously, this improves an organisation’s efficacy and productivity. In fact, a Schneider Electric case study at Elis confirmed this vision in reality.  

Less mistakes

Recently, Schneider Electric did a case study of Smart Control at one of the world’s largest laundry chains, Elis. Elis is a world top 5 laundry chain and is a valued Vartex client. Among other things, here they found that operator make less mistakes when they use Smart Control to operate a washer. The simplicity of the control allows one to go straight to the preferred program.

How does this all work? Well, Smart Control is powered by a powerful Programmable Logic Controller (PLC). The PLC acts like a computer and turns controlling a washer or dryer into a swift affair. Protocol makers can upload their programs to the PLC. 

This PLC makes it possible for the organisation to easily select the preferred language.

Select Your Program

Operators use a Human Machine Interface (HMI) to select their desired program. This is a high-resolution touchscreen. Scrolling through the menus or settings is a breeze; it’s not much different from scrolling through contact lists on a smart phone. We often visit large clients that use Smart Control and ask around on the floor. Because the opinion of the user, the person who operates a machine, is essential. With their feedback, we continue to innovate. 

Are you curious about the entire Schneider Electric case study at Elis? Feel free to read this article or visit the special webpage with the results. You can also view the video below. For more on our Smart Laundry products, just drop by our website or send us an email. We’re happy to answer your questions!