We all know this general law. Inertia doesn’t make us move forward. In other words, we don’t improve our organization by doing nothing. We miss out on simple things that elevate our work and provide happiness to clients.  That’s why we need to keep innovating and finding new ways to serve clients better. Recently, Schneider Electric did a case study of Smart Control at one of the world’s largest laundry chains, Elis. Elis is a world top 5 laundry chain and is a valued Vartex client. Here’s what the case study found.

30% More Volume – €0 Cost

In short, you’re missing out of running 30% extra volume – without increasing costs. Of course, if you’re not using Smart Control already, there’s a small investment at first. But after that, it’s more volume at zero cost. That means 30% more coats, sheets, shirts, mats… you name it.

Recently, the load for industrial and commercial laundries has increased significantly, in part due to COVID. In these cases, laundries begin to struggle with capacity. The load is just greater than the machinery to clean with. If they do nothing, these issues just get worse and clients of the laundry will be disappointed.   

Also, on average, the output of Smart Control users increases by 20%. It’s all about working as efficient as possible. This means that with the same equipment, but with new software, you deliver more to clients.

What is Smart Control Anyway?

Smart Control is our universal operating system for stand-alone washers. Instead of outdated printed circuit boards, Smart Control is powered by a powerful PLC. The high-resolution touchscreen brings the intuitive operating system to life and gives you full control over your cleaning process.

The operating system is compatible with machines from every manufacturer, allowing Smart Control to integrate with your current systems. Seamlessly.

So, it doesn’t matter whether you have a Kannegieser, Girbau, Tolon, etc. Smart Control makes your stand-alone washer smarter and more efficient.

More Benefits

The Schneider Electric case study found more benefits. In a coming series of articles, we’ll elaborate on them. But if you’re interested and would like to know more about Schneider’s findings, feel free to read the case study here. Also, Schneider Electric produced a video about Smart Control at Elis. Find that below.

Learn more about Smart Laundry

If you have any questions about Smart Control or other complete Smart Laundry products, we’re there for you. Vartex is also an official Girbau, Unica and Image dealer, if there’s anything else we can assist you with, feel free to contact us! 

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