You may know how many kilos of linen you clean per week since you can easily determine this information yourself. However, the following is more difficult to determine:

  • Exactly how much water does my washer use?
  • Exactly how much gas does my dryer use?
  • Do I use enough water for my linen?
  • Do I clean at the right temperature?
  • What is my OEE?
  • What is the average running time of my machines?
  • What malfunctions do my machines have?
  • How often do I get a failure?
  • When do my machines need maintenance?

Guessing is history

Previously, managers were dependent on their best guess regarding this data. Obviously, you need data to effectively organize your business. And we understand that you want an efficient process. That is why our team has worked for a long time on the innovation that finally brings clarity to the performance of your machines: Vartex Laundry Intelligence Dashboard.

Make reports

Laundry Intelligence not only displays the above data clearly, but you can also choose to make detailed reports from the displayed data. This way, users of Laundry Intelligence can show their clients exactly how they have cleaned their linen.

Choose how you want to report your data

We’re seeing more and more clients asking us for this function; especially in the food and medical sectors. Organizations in these sectors have a mission to clean according to strict guidelines that guarantee bacteria-free results. We’re proud to play a role in bringing their mission to success.

One Stop Laundry Management: order parts, check machine manuals, etc.

With Vartex Laundry Intelligence Dashboard you get answers to all these questions and more. Our goal is to make Intelligence Dashboard your “one-stop” location for information from your laundry. That is why we continue to innovate and make personalization of the information possible. In Laundry Intelligence, users can:

  • Check the status of washing/drying programs from a distance in real time. This helps you to spot machine failure quickly.
  • Receive notifications for alarms, time exceeding, temperature exceeding, and more.
  • Order parts directly without leaving the platform.
  • Access spare parts-books, user manuals and videos on the platform.
  • Set reminders for maintenance.
  • Solve maintenance.
  • Calculate the cost of one single batch.
  • Generate data reports over a certain period, per machine, time or program.

Uniform Vision

We believe in a uniform vision. At the end of the day, the efficient manager should be able to take one glance and know what his / her laundry has done in a period (hour, day, week or year). 

And that is only possible if there is access to one place where everything comes together. Not only what the OEE is for a day, but also whether too much water is used for 50 kg of laundry or just enough. And which malfunctions hurt the process the most?

More about the Smart Laundry

We offer a range of Smart Laundry products. In addition to Laundry Intelligence, we have created the first mobile industrial laundry app. The Vartex App allows managers to manage their laundry on the go. Want to learn how the app can help you manage more efficiently? Read this special article about the app or visit its page on our website.

Another important part of the Smart Laundry is Smart Control, the first universal control for standalone washers. Read how we fitted 12 more Girbau washers here or learn more on our website.

From left to right: Smart Control, Vartex App & Laundry Intelligence