You’ve probably ordered food on your phone. It’s also likely that you use your phone to set your thermostat. And what about tracking a parcel? Right, you get the point. 

Now, imagine ordering spare parts straight from your phone while you’re standing in front of a troubled washer. Picture yourself checking the status of your machines on your phone while you’re in the break of a meeting. And then think of the ease of reading a manual on your phone before tinkering with the defective machine. 

We’ve not only made that possible, but we took an extra step. In short, we’ve created an app that becomes a hub for both laundries and their suppliers. 

For laundries

With the Vartex App, laundries get a one-stop-shop. Laundry personnel can check the performance of machines, access machine documentation, become notified of errors, plan/solve maintenance, and get an overview of machines and order history. Let’s take a closer look at these perks.

Order Parts and Check Order History

The Vartex App has a built-in store for spare parts. Currently, parts are supplied by Vartex. Buts soon, third-party distributors join the platform and will have their own marketplace. These third-party distributors can apply for their own store, exclusive to their customers (more on that in a few seconds).

The vision behind the mobile store is simple. When you need a spare part ASAP, you can pull out your phone and click to order the part. Really, the ordering process is that simple.

Check Machine Performance

Our customers know how specific our management dashboard, Laundry Intelligence, is. In fact, it’s the world’s most advanced laundry intelligence software. But imagine the core functions of Laundry Intelligence in mobile form. Well, we integrated those in the Vartex App. When you open the app, you see a summary of your machinery’s performance and the most common errors.

A smartphone showing the statistic from a laundry and a screenshot of the ordering process of spare laundry parts.
See what’s going on in a blink of an eye and order parts straight from your phone

Plan & Solve Maintenance 

With the Vartex App, you can schedule maintenance and receive a notification when it’s time. And once you’ve completed the maintenance, you can tell the app. In the “checking off” section, there’s also an option to order the parts that you need. Again, it’s all about making things simpler. 

Access Machine Documentation

Have you ever read a book or article on your phone? Chances are that you have. So, why not read a manual, handbook, part list. etc. on your smart phone? Often, we need these books when we’re standing in front of a piece of equipment. How nice would it be having them in your pocket?

Error Notifications

When something goes wrong, you need to know as soon as possible, so you can solve it before things get worse. That’s why the Vartex App sends push notifications if there’s an alarm. Think of an emergency stop, door lock failure, unbalance, etc. You’ll be the first to know.

For Suppliers / Manufacturers / Distributors

As mentioned above, the Vartex App is a hub for both industrial laundries and their distributors. But it’s also created for suppliers and manufacturers.

These organizations can use the Vartex App to supply and support their clients. They can apply for their own version of the app. That means the organization gets its own mobile store of parts within the app. With that, comes the ability to upload machine documentation and to establish a direct line to their customers. In other words, a mobile laundry hub, unique to the supplier and its clients.

Set of laundry software and hardware Vartex creates.
Smart Control, The Vartex App and Laundry Intelligence (from left to right)

The Future of the Laundry is Smart and Mobile

We’ve said it before. As a company, we’ve set a goal to engineer the future of the industrial laundry. And we talked about creating “Smart Laundry” before. The Vartex App is just the latest step in making that vision a reality, and it joins our suite of innovative smart products. The app integrates perfectly with our universal operating system for stand-alone washers, Smart Control, and our management software, Laundry Intelligence.

Today, our clients have set the next step in the future. But there’s no reason to rest; we’re already working on the next innovation that makes the laundry a smart and better place.

See you soon. 

If you wish to learn more about the power of the Vartex App, visit our website.  If you’re a supplier and want to know how you can use the Vartex App to serve your clients directly, feel free to reach out.