As the world faces growing environmental concerns and increasingly pressing energy demands, industrial laundry operators are seeking new and improved methods to reduce energy consumption and environmental impact. Traditional dryers, unfortunately, often fall short, frequently requiring more energy and time to fully dry linen which results in the need for a repeat of the process. Fortunately, with Smart Control for Dryers, laundry operators can now achieve optimal results with virtually no waste or excess energy use. In this blog post, we’ll explore how Smart Control dryers work, their key benefits, and why they are rapidly gaining traction in the laundry industry.

Shorter Drying Saves Energy

With Smart Control for Dryers, the drying time is carefully calculated to ensure that the linen is never dried for longer than necessary, and that the dryer doesn’t have to work harder than it should. Hence, no unnecessary use of gas and no excessive hot air flowing into the environment. Additionally, once operators set drying times for different types of fabrics, a Smart Control dryer can take it from there. These features significantly minimize energy waste and reduce operating costs over time.

One popular technology used in Smart Control for Dryers is the Infrared Sensor. The infrared sensor is an efficient, more environmentally conscious alternative to traditional dryers. It triggers a shorter drying time, ensuring that the linen only dries for the amount of time necessary. Compared to regular dryers, infrared dryers can save up to 40% of drying time. This ultimately saves energy, minimizes carbon footprints, and minimizes wear and tear on linen, consequently extending its lifespan.

Complete line of Smart Control dryers at US Laundry in Saint Martin

Dry with Humidity and Temperature Sensor

Another technology used in Smart Control for Dryers is the Humidity Sensor. A moisture or humidity sensor determines if the linen is dry or not. When the percentage of humidity in linen reaches a particular point, the machine stops itself from drying, so it no longer compensates for a shortfall. This automatic turn off feature ensures that even delicate materials, such as wool, remain in perfect condition throughout the drying process. This type of technology is fast, efficient, and safe, providing a superior drying experience for both operators and patrons alike.

Smart Control dryers offer an energy-efficient solution with excellent benefits to businesses, including environment-friendly and low energy conservation properties, limited waste, and reduced operating costs. It makes a great investment for operations that recycle moisture produced during the drying process to generate more heat. It means that there are unlimited savings in expenses attributed to power and laundry bills. Additionally, the labor cost of monitoring drying cycles will cut down with the automated control processes offered by Smart Control drying technology.

Image dryer with Smart Control for Dryers

Reduce Energy and Clean Green

With Smart Control for Dryers, laundry operators can now reduce their energy consumption and environmental impact, increase the efficiency and quality of their drying operations, and minimize operating costs over time. As more and more industrial laundry operators begin to adopt these innovative new technologies, we can look forward to the continued growth of environmentally conscious and energy-efficient laundry practices in the years to come. Embrace the change and make your laundry operation an appliance of sustainable practice with Smart Control dryers.

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