As businesses worldwide are increasingly relying on tech to make their operations more efficient, the same applies to the laundry industry. A brand new laundry in Saint Martin, called USLaundry, opted for a technology upgrade while rebuilding after Hurricane Irma. Vartex, the global player in laundry control systems, has recently finished the installation of washers and dryers with Smart Control at US Laundry. The client chose Vartex for quality, and we’re proud to have helped them in their quest for quality. In this blog post, you’ll read all about the new installation and the benefits it offers.

A powerful upgrade

Vartex’s in-house control, called Vartex Smart Control for Washers and Dryers, is a technologically advanced replacement of the regular controls on washers and dryers. During earlier stages of the project, we had already converted a number of dryers. Now, now we have equipped all of the washers and dryers at USLaundry with Smart Control. This upgrade provides several exciting features that increase starting from the equipment’s efficacy and reliability. Smart Control allows laundry managers and operators to monitor their washers and dryers remotely. It keeps a real-time log of the washer and dryer’s settings, cycle time, and other relevant data.

One vital feature of Smart Control is that it connects all the washers and dryers to Laundry Intelligence Dashboard. It allows clients to keep track of their equipment and cleaning process at all times. USLaundry can now access detailed insights into their cleaning operations, such as the weight of the clothes they clean, how much water they use, electricity consumed, and more. The Laundry Intelligence Dashboard gives them an overview of everything happening during the cleaning process, enabling optimization to improve efficiency.

Benefit from innovative control systems

The Vartex Smart Control installation at USLaundry is an excellent example of how laundry businesses can benefit from innovative control systems. The Smart Control system enables the industrial laundry to provide top-quality service to its clients by managing laundry operations more effectively. One of the most significant advantages of Smart Control is the ability to optimize the washers and dryers’ water, energy and cleaning supplies consumption to help reduce operational costs. The system automatically sets the appropriate settings to do laundry efficiently, preserving the customer’s clothes’ integrity and prolonging the life of the machinery.

US Laundry wanted to provide its customers with the best laundry experience, and Vartex has enabled them to do so. The Smart Control system promotes long-term equipment reliability by providing predictive maintenance functions, ensuring the equipment has minimal downtime. It addresses underlying problems before they become serious issues, thus eliminating equipment breakdowns. The Laundry Intelligence Dashboard works in tandem with the Vartex Smart Control system to give laundry managers safety and peace of mind, necessary for a successful laundry operation in the long-run.

A smarter way to transfer detergents

USLaundry opted for Smart Filling for safer and greener transfer of detergents from IBC tanks to storage tanks. Smart Filling features a secure 4-step QR scan process.
In addition, Smart Dosing facilitates the dosing of liquid chemicals to washer extractors. The Vartex Smart Dosing installation serves as an all-in-one central dosing system, allowing automatic dosing of up to 12 chemicals and up to 15 washing machines. With Smart Dosing’s user-friendly OS, detergent dosing becomes easier and more environmentally friendly.

By utilizing Smart Dosing and Smart Filling, data is stored in the cloud, enabling users to track detergent usage through the Laundry Intelligence Dashboard. This empowers users to determine when to order new detergents, triggering automatic placement of new orders with chemical suppliers. Hence, the chances of running out of detergents are significantly reduced. That’s smart.

Putting quality first

Vartex’s Smart Control technology is making waves in the laundry business, with high-tech control systems proving to make the job of doing laundry more comfortable and efficient. US Laundry is an example of how pioneering technological advancement and quality service can prove to be a winning combination for both clients and businesses. Vartex’s dedication to quality has ensured that the installation at USLaundry went smoothly and efficiently, and we wish them a successful cleaning journey in the beautiful island of Saint Martin. As the laundry industry evolves with technology, industrial laundries and other laundry businesses can adopt the Vartex Smart Control system for increased efficiency, product longevity, and enhanced data insights.

Learn more about USLaundry here. And want to know more about Smart Control? Take a look on our website. Any questions? Just get in touch, we’d love to meet you.