Let me ask you a question: How often did you need to shut down a machine due to a faulty circuit board? And then, how long did you have to wait until a new one was installed?

Right. What if you could eliminate those problems from your laundry? That would be nice, wouldn’t it? Well, that desire is something you, laundry men and women, communicated to us. That’s why and how Smart Control was born. 

Those old circuit boards

Standard, the manufacturer’s software is written on printed circuit boards, which quickly become obsolete and require maintenance. And if there’s a malfunction, your machines don’t clean the customer’s linen.

So, when (it’s not a question of “if”) problems arise, a laundry or linen service cannot make optimal use of its equipment. Of course, nobody’s happy then; not you and certainly not your customers.

The future of the industrial washer / dryer

Unless you’re a fortuneteller, you can’t be 100% certain of what the future holds. However, we can all agree on what the future won’t be about. The laundry industry will not rely on circuit boards. We live in an era where we are presented with innovations by the minute; we keep witnessing so much technological advancement for us to be reliable on old technology. 

Today, we need the simplicity and intuitiveness of a smartphone and the power of a desktop computer. Our clients asked for it and we created it. Enter: Smart Control, Vartex’s in-house washer control. 

In its DNA, three core principles are integrated: user-friendliness, efficiency, and universality. In other words, our clients deserve an operating system that:

  • Is quick and easy to operate. The operator must be able to see what the machine is doing at a single glance. And the PLC in combination with a display from Schneider is perfect for that!
  • Operates on any machine. Simple. There must be ample compatibility so nobody’s excluded. On Girbau machines, for example, you can install Smart Control on 22 to 100 KG washers.

Get control over your process

You get to control the way you clean your linen. In Smart Control, you can very easily put together a tailor-made washing program. This allows you to choose the correct water use, dosage, duration of the dosage, etc. The program you designed is then saved in the Smart Control’s memory; the next time you are just a single touch away from a successful batch!

Clean Green

All this enables you to ensure an ecologically responsible water use. Research shows that you can save water by 34% when a 68 kg machine is loaded with 45 kg of linen. There’s one condition though: the water needs to match the load. Unfortunately, coordinating water and load in an easy manner is not possible with the current standard machine controls. However, that changes with Smart Control, which enables you to tailor your water usage to your load. What’s more, by personalizing your cleaning process, you can meet the demands of your clients by tailoring your process. 

2020 is just two months away from us. Time moves fast, and so does technological advancement. Our washers and dryers cannot keep relying on the old, circuit board powered, controls in an age where we make transactions with our mobile phones. Everything and everybody is getting smarter. And so does your washer. 

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