When you run a laundry, you’re probably aware of the risks of dosing. Transferring chemicals from IBC tanks to storage tanks can be hazardous. When things go wrong, employees’ health and environment can be affected negatively. Therefore, the transfer should to be carried out carefully.

Safety Through Simplicity 

Safety should be something that can be realized through simplicity. Luckily, with technology that mission becomes easier to achieve. Smart Dosing is Vartex’ compact, all-in-one central dosing system for automatic dosing of liquid chemicals to washer extractors. The powerful PLC makes it possible to dose up to 12 chemicals and up to 15 washing machines.

And the safer way to transfer chemicals from IBC tanks to your storage tanks is through Smart Filling. Smart Filling works according to a 4-Step Scan Procedure. Simply put, four different QR codes must be scanned before the chemicals can be transferred. It works like this:

In this modern day and age, these QR codes can be displayed and scanned on your smart phone. All you need is a QR scanner, which is delivered with Smart Filling. 

Smart Dosing and Smart Filling are engineered for a green and safe dosing experience. However, both systems are available separately; you can use the one with or without the other. 


One QR code on smart phone

The Future of the Laundry is Smart and Mobile 

Smart Filling and Smart Dosing are the latest additions to the Vartex Smart Laundry product range.

We’ve said it before. As a company, we’ve set a goal to engineer the future of the industrial laundry. And we talked about creating the “Smart Laundry” before. A place where machines are connected and are part of a reliable and user-friendly ecosystem. It’s a place where we witness, through tangible data, how machines perform as opposed to being black boxes. Providing a way to back decisions by numbers, produced by your processes; data that allows you to predict the needs of tomorrow. Finally, the Smart Laundry is a place where cleaning environmentally friendly becomes easy. 

Smart Filling and Smart Dosing are just the latest steps in making that vision a reality, and it joins our suite of innovative smart products. The products integrate perfectly with our management information software, Laundry Intelligence. 


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Curious how you can make your laundry smarter? Reach out and we’ll be happy to tell you more.