Laundry Intelligence keeps growing in users. And to give our growing number of users the best experience possible, we keep updating the IoT platform. This includes minor updates and additional features. But now we’re working on the biggest update since the beginning. We’re updating the entire look of Laundry Intelligence. 

Laundry Intelligence: The laundry industry’s best IoT platform

Our mission is bold: to make Laundry Intelligence the best IoT platform in the laundry industry. Since the beginning our users could check live data and get insights in costs. That means you could see how your washers and dryers perform in real-time. Users track the exact usage of water, gas and electricity and calculate the price of a single batch.

Later, we added features such as the access to manuals and instructional videos or the ability to order spare parts without leaving Laundry Intelligence. If you’re curious about the full features, feel free to drop by the Laundry Intelligence page.

Sneak peak of the new look

So, after adding the key features, it is time to update the entire look of Laundry Intelligence. Making the best software starts with the best features, but design is also very important. Laundry Intelligence was already the most user friendly laundry data platform. And the new version makes navigating through the platform even smoother. It simply looks stunning too. 

We have replaced the old architecture with a completely new one. The new Laundry Intelligence is built on a new basis. We couldn’t wait to share images of the new Laundry Intelligence with you. That’s why we want to give you a sneak peak in this article.

We are currently finishing up the new Laundry Intelligence and it launches soon. We’re looking forward to the new Laundry Intelligence with you. Of course, as with all updates, this new version of Laundry Intelligence is completely free for our users.