We are excited about 2020. It’s the start of a new decade where we will continue where left off: maximizing the capabilities of the Smart Laundry.

So, what are we planning for 2020? Well, the answer is simple: keep innovating and keep making laundries smarter, globally. We have many exciting projects and collaborations planned. We believe in collaborative projects; together, we can achieve more when we combine knowledge. 

Boosted efficiency and decreased errors

Between 2017 and 2019 we fully connected large laundries to our management software, Laundry Intelligence. During the years, these organizations have compiled so much data that they can start predicting their future needs and expenses! Also, their efficiency has sky-rocketed thanks to the combination of Laundry Intelligence and our universal control for stand-alone washer-extractors, Smart Control.

Last year, Schneider Electric did a case study at one of our major clients, the results below are proven:

  • On average, Vartex customers run 30% more volume, without increasing costs.
  • The output of Vartex ’customers increases on average by 20%.
  • The collection and analysis of data is automatic, which saves companies costs and prevents information from being lost.
  • Considerable time and cost savings by reorganizing washing processes.
  • Selecting washing programs is less time-consuming and error-prone. Operators select the right washing programs for each batch on a well-arranged display.

One more thing the case study showed, was the decrease in human errors. This is something we also hear from the operators and managers. Because Smart Control is just easy to operate. Everything is pre-programmed. So, all the operator needs to do after loading the machine is press GO! Makes sense, doesn’t it?

Let’s go even further

These are all great signs and we’re happy that our clients achieve more with less and minimize errors. What’s more, our clients’ success fuels our ambition to do even more for them. That is why have partnered with industry leaders. These are successful organizations that share our vision and ambition to innovate the cleaning industry.

Your partner in complying with increasing legislation

With increasing legislation and guidelines, laundries have gained more responsibilities. One example comes from the food sector. The clients who cater to the needs of this industry, need to be able to verify that they have cleaned the linen according to the standards and rules. For instance, a frequent question is: Did you get rid of all bacteria?

Many of our clients are active in this sector and use Laundry Intelligence to show detailed reports to their customers. This way, they live up to their obligation easily. Not only does it only take a second to save the report, but the end-user can see at just one glance whether the batch is cleaned properly or not. For instance, in answering the above question, one could use accurate data in Laundry Intelligence to compare the programmed temperature with the actual temperature. This is one area that will grow even more in the coming year. 


This is a (very) brief preview of what 2020 entails for us. In essence, we simply continue our work to make laundries a place that mirrors the modern time we all live in. And we don’t believe in boundaries or limits; neither geographical nor physical. We aim for the stars and so do our partners. Because our clients, new or old, deserve the best.