In today’s health-conscious world, it’s not enough for laundry facilities to just clean clothes; they must also ensure that textiles are stripped of harmful microorganisms. Laundry owners understand the weight of responsibility when it comes to infection control. Your customers trust you with more than their fabrics—they trust you to play a pivotal role in their well-being.

At Vartex, we grasp the critical nature of this responsibility and have developed a solution that bolsters confidence in your laundry’s hygiene standards, integrating technology with expert research.

Understanding the Relationship Between Laundry and Infection Control

Research led by experts Bockmühl, Schages, and Rehberg has thrown light on the significant role that temperature, detergents, and mechanical action play in preventing the transmission of infections through laundry in both healthcare and domestic settings. These elements, when balanced correctly, are fundamental in disrupting the pathogen transmission chain.

However, the drive to lower washing temperatures to save energy puts an extra burden on infection control protocols. While a positive step for the environment, it requires us to be more diligent in our cleaning processes to ensure microbial reduction isn’t compromised.

The “Dashboard” view of Laundry Intelligence

Navigating Laundry Best Practices with Smart Technology

This complexity need not be a cause for concern, because Vartex has anticipated these challenges. We have seamlessly bridged the gap between research-backed methodology and real-world application with our innovative Smart Dosing installation.

What Is Smart Dosing?

Smart Dosing is more than an equipment upgrade; it’s your assurance policy. This all-in-one central dosing system provides precision in the automatic dispensing of liquid chemicals to washer extractors. It’s robust enough to manage up to 12 chemicals for as many as 15 washing machines. Additionally, its user-friendly operating system makes dealing with detergents not just smarter, but greener.

Transparency Through Laundry Intelligence

Laundry Intelligence is the crux of our technology—a dashboard that allows you to scrutinize every facet of your wash cycle. It’s like having a microscope on the washing process: you can monitor the precise quantity of every chemical used, compile comprehensive reports for each batch of laundry, and analyze data to confirm that you effectively control microbial figures in textiles.

This wealth of information equips your facility to make informed decisions and proves to your customers that every item has been cleaned at optimal temperatures with the right detergents.

Assurance in Every Fiber: The Cleanliness Your Customers Can Trust

Health and safety regulations are an intricate tapestry, and at Vartex, we understand how every thread needs to be perfect. We don’t just provide you with tools; we offer the reassurance that every garment leaves your facility meeting the highest standard of cleanliness.

Our partnership with you goes beyond business—it’s about shaping a healthier community. With Vartex’s technology, you get to showcase your commitment to excellence. You aren’t just cleaning clothes; you are part of a greater initiative to maintain public health standards.

Smart Dosing is dosing washers in a laundry

Utilize our Smart Dosing installation and Laundry Intelligence system to secure your customer’s trust and provide them with the reassurance that you don’t just clean—you care.

Remember, it’s not just laundry. With Vartex, it’s about proving that every wash cycle is a step towards fostering a healthier environment for all. After all, true cleanliness starts with infection control, and that’s a promise stitched into the very fabric of your business.

Source: Bockmühl, D. P., Schages, J., & Rehberg, L. (2019)

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