History has taught us that the laundry and cleaning industry requires a hands-on approach. The old mindset is that managers need to be onsite to manage the operations efficiently. But that’s an antiquated approach. There are times when the manager cannot be on the floor physically. And there has not been a time this been clearer than now, during the global COVID pandemic. But really, remote work in the laundry business is possible.

Working From Home

In many countries, the laundry industry is an essential business. Many critical actors, such as hospitals, depend on them. That means that they need to keep running during challenging times. But we should not forget the safety of the people of this industry. And sure, this is not the most suitable industry to work from home. But that does not mean it’s impossible to work from home; in fact, there are some great tools that make it possible. 

Cleaning During a Pandemic

Let’s be honest: When Vartex created the Laundry Intelligence Dashboard, we did not create it with a global pandemic in mind. But the real power and significance of this tool emerged during the crisis. During the peak of it all, a maximum number of people were allowed on the floor. So, managers were forced to work from home. 

A view of the inside of a washer as displayed in Vartex Laundry Intelligence. Here we see a mismatch between programmed temperature and actual temperature of the washer

Imagine you’re overseeing a laundry from home, without any insights:

  • Are bacteria killed?
  • Did the washer reach the programmed temperature?
  • How much linen did we clean today?
  • How much water do we use right now?
  • Are batches really cleaned and dried appropriately?

You might say something like this to yourself: “I wish I could see the machine running and check the process on site. But I’m sitting at home.” 

The Vartex App and Remote Work in the Laundry Business

Earlier this month, we launched the Vartex App. The app is a mobile hub for both laundries and their suppliers; it’s designed to help you manage your laundry remotely. 

With the Vartex App, laundries get a one-stop-location. Laundry personnel can check the performance of machines, access machine documentation, become notified of errors, plan and solve maintenance, and get an overview of machines and order history. For a proper introduction with The Vartex App, read this article we published earlier. 

In short, the App allows you to quickly run your laundry from your phone, while on the go or at home. 

Remote Insight in Your Washers and Dryers (in real-time)

Well, Laundry Intelligence shows answers to the above questions in real-time; you see the washer or dryer running and see its output as the machine runs. You get more information than when you would stand in front of the machine. In fact, you get a look into the machine, while sitting at home.

Share Your Remote Work Story

So, there you have it. That’s how our clients and users of Laundry Intelligence work from home. Now, we’re curious how you’re experiencing working in the laundry/linen service during the pandemic. Feel free to share your stories in the comments or on LinkedIn. We love to hear your stories!

We can talk all day about Laundry Intelligence’s features and benefits. There’s so much you can see and do. But we don’t want to bore you with more dry text.

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