We’re happy and thankful for the trust of our client in both us and Girbau. This past weekend we installed a beautiful 57KG Girbau HS6057 washer extractor. Our client had opted for Vartex Smart Control on this washer. 

Here are some details about the Girbau HS 6057:

The key factors to your business:

  • High speed industrial spin washing machines (up to 1,000 rpm).
  • 100% free standing (no need for any kind of anchoring).
  • A quality washing process optimising water, energy and chemical products.
  • A saving in the drying process due to its spin factor of over 350-400 G.
  • Wide-ranging possibilities with an easy and intuitive programming.
  • Reduced maintenance.
  • High capacity washers incorporate as an option:
    • TILT system designed to facilitate the washer’s loading and unloading operations.
    • “Easy Load” system to aid the loading and unloading of machines can be added.

Smart Control: Universal Control for Girbau washers and all other manufacturers

Smart Control is our universal operating system for stand-alone washers. Instead of outdated printed circuit boards, Smart Control is powered by a powerful PLC. The high-resolution touchscreen brings the intuitive operating system to life and gives you full control over your cleaning process. With Smart Control’s user-friendly OS, your next best program is just a few touches away.

Smart Control is the world’s most advanced universal washer-control. The operating system is compatible with machines from every manufacturer, allowing Smart Control to integrate with your current systems. Seamlessly. So, it doesn’t matter whether you have a Kannegieser, Girbau, Tolon, etc. Smart Control makes your stand-alone washer smarter and more efficient.

Benefits of Smart Control

We can tell you all about the benefits of Smart Control. But don’t just take our word for it. Recently, Schneider Electric did a case study about Smart Control at Elis, one of the world’s largest laundry chains.

Here the key findings:

  • On average, Vartex customers run 30% more volume, without increasing costs.
  • The output of Vartex ’customers increases on average by 20%.
  • The collection and analysis of data is automatic, which saves companies costs and prevents information from being lost.
  • Considerable time and cost savings by reorganizing washing processes.
  • Selecting washing programs is less time-consuming and error-prone. Operators select the right washing programs for each batch on a well-arranged display.

Source: Schneider Electric

We wish our client many successful years with their new Girbau and Vartex equipment!

Learn more about Girbau washer extractors and other equipment

If you have any questions about Girbau equipment or Smart Control, we’re there for you. Vartex is an official Girbau dealer, if there’s anything else we can assist you with, feel free to contact us! 

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