We all fear it in the laundry. The sprinklers have been on for 15 minutes. And nobody noticed it until it was too late. As soon as you know, the machines are soaked.

Risky Business

Each day a laundry runs, there’s a chance that something will go wrong. Whether it’s a way too high temperature of a dryer or a door that has been open for too long. It makes sense to be aware of the errors of your equipment and you’ll want to limit risks as much as possible. 

That is why we have designed an intuitive notification system in Laundry Intelligence.

You can choose the priority of an alarm yourself. If you do not always want a notification from an open door, you can choose not to receive a notification. If you’re simply not interested in an open door, you just turn that notification off; instead you can indicate that you do want to receive an e-mail if a machine becomes overheated.

Notifications in welcome screen of Laundry Intelligence

Why A Notification?

From conversations with laundry managers we understood that there was a great demand for notifications. For example, a manager said:

I don’t want to keep walking to a machine or send someone. That takes too much time; time I prefer to spend on useful activities in my laundry. Neither should you neglect a faulty machine. If something is wrong, you want to be there quickly. That is why I just want to be notified as soon as something goes wrong. “

Notification in your mailbox

The wish of this manager was shared by most of whom we spoke with. Then the question arose: How would you like to receive a notification? One answer was very common: E-Mail!

“I am always available via e-mail” is what we often heard. “I can also read my e-mail via my smartphone, so it always within hands reach. Then, I can see exactly what is going on in the (Laundry Intelligence) Dashboard.”

You will find all recent alarms in the Alarm Overview. All relevant information about the error can be found here:

  • Type of error
  • Time of error 
  • Length of the error

You can then choose to download the overview.

Just a portion of possible alarms in Laundry Intelligence

App Notifications

When something goes wrong, you need to know as soon as possible, so you can solve it before things get worse. That’s why the Vartex App sends push notifications if there’s an alarm. Think of an emergency stop, door lock failure, unbalance, etc. You’ll be the first to know. Learn more about The Vartex App in this special article.

Reduce Missed Alarms

With the notification system your awareness grows. Curious about Laundry Intelligence or the Vartex App? Learn more on our website or contact us. We’d be happy to share more details and send you a brochure.