As a laundry, it can be discouraging to see your machines become less efficient over time. Machines that were once top-of-the-line are now outdated and don’t have all the features you need to meet the demands of your customers. However, it’s important to know that not all hope is lost! Installing Smart Control, our universal control for dryers and washers, can revive old washers and dryers. In this blog post, we’ll explore exactly how Smart Control can transform your old machines into brand new ones and make them more eco-friendly in the process.

Converting a 24 Year Old Girbau Washer

By installing Smart Control on a Girbau 22 KG washer from 2000, the power of our universal control was on full display. By upgrading the controls, the machine that was once outdated and less efficient now performs like a brand new washer. This highlights the fact that in many cases, the mechanical parts of the machine are still in good condition and it’s the outdated controls that prevent them from performing at their best. Smart Control can bridge that gap and can give new life to old machines.

Girbau washer built in 2000

Cleaning Greener

Smart Control isn’t just about making old machines work like new, it also allows them to perform much more eco-friendly. With Smart Control, the water use is matched to the load, helping to save water, and reduce water usage in your laundry business. It also allows the user to choose a variety of ecological responsible temperatures, giving you the flexibility to choose the best temperature for the job, while also reducing energy usage.

See real-time water usage (image taken from an Image washer with Smart Control)

Strong Mechanical Parts

While it’s important to note that wear and tear on your machines is inevitable, it’s also important to consider that the mechanical parts of the machines often lasts longer than the electronics. This means that by upgrading to Smart Control, your old machines can have a much longer life span than you might have originally thought.

Remote Laundry Management & Less Errors

Another benefit of Smart Control is the ability to enhance your machines’ features. With Smart Control, machines can get new features and upgrades that can enhance their performance and make your customers happier. For example, Smart Control allows you to add features such as programmable cycles, automatic dispensing, and mobile compatibility. These added features not only improve the performance of your machines but also offer a more convenient experience for your customers.

Furthermore, Smart Control allows seamless integration of washers and dryers into the Laundry Intelligence dashboard, the IoT hub where machine performance is transparent in real time. Laundry Intelligence empowers users to effortlessly manage their laundry operations, offering features that extend beyond monitoring performance to include ordering spare parts and assessing batch pricing.

With Smart Control, finally, operators are likely to make less errors in the cleaning process. The simple interface allows the user to simply pick the desired program (source: Schneider Electric case study at Elis). The next step is the green button to start the batch. That’s it.

Installing Smart Control in your old washers and dryers is an eco-friendly way to give new life to your machines, upgrade their features, and boost their efficiency. With Smart Control, your old machines can perform like brand new ones, and offer added features and flexibility for your customers.

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