Each day, the demand for more sophisticated ways of cleaning grows. Simultaneously, the ambition to clean “Green” grows. Today, the circuit boards of the machines are getting older by the day and they require more effort than ever to keep up with rising expectations. Unfortunately, the true potential of many organizations is limited as a consequence.

As industry enthusiasts, this trend made us think: How can we help laundries get the best out of their organization? And we think we have come a step further in answering this question.

Of course, several factors play a role in answering the question, but here we want to shed light on personalization. By personalizing your cleaning process, you can meet the demands of your clients by tailoring your process. 

Design your own washing program, powered by software

Both Smart Control and Laundry Intelligence allow users a great deal of personalization. In Smart Control, you can very easily put together a tailor-made washing program. This way you choose the correct water use, dosage, duration of the dosage, etc. The program you designed is then saved; the next time you are just a single touch away from a successful batch!

Design your washing program tailored to your needs

This allows you to ensure ecologically responsible water use. If you clean 30 KG of linen in a 60 KG washer, you can still make sure that exactly enough water is used. Per default, the machine uses the standard amount of water for a 60 KG load. Of course, this is not the ideal situation if your load is lower; why waste water?

Moreover, personalization has never been as simple as it is now. The Smart Control interface on the display is designed to get to grips quickly and easily.

Keep the data relevant with Laundry Intelligence

In Laundry Intelligence you can see exactly what you want. You can filter the OEE, alarms, number of batches by machine or by period. You can even see and analyze data from your machine at the program level. This allows you to quickly navigate through a relevant overview at a specific time. Think of a customer who requests some explanation after a specific batch (medical clients for instance). You can then easily and quickly display the required data by filtering on the machine or program.

All you need. At a single glance.

Personalization can also be found in the alarm system. Laundry Intelligence will send you notifications if there is an alarm. You can compile an alarm overview yourself. For example, if you do not always want to be notified that a door has been left open longer than necessary, you can disable this notification. It is merely a matter of “ticking the boxes”.

The future

Smart Control and Laundry Intelligence are our answer to the growing need for something new, more efficient and more intuitive. You are no longer limited to the limits set by the manufacturer of your machines; the PLC, software and display allow for endless combinations. With Smart Control and Laundry Intelligence you are in charge of your process. That is the future of the professional laundry.

Benefits of Smart Control: a case study by Schneider Electric at Elis

In 2020, Schneider Electric published a case study. They researched the benefits of Smart Control at Elis. Here they found that operators make less mistakes when they use Smart Control to operate a washer. The simplicity of the control allows one to go straight to the preferred program. But there’s more; learn more about all the benefits in the video below.

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