Industrial laundries are often big businesses with many machines. Many of these laundries are currently connected with Laundry Intelligence, a management information dashboard created by Vartex. This platform offers access to machine documents and spare parts ordering, but the main reason laundries are choosing it is to access data their machines produce. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the four essential ways by which Laundry Intelligence helps industrial laundries. Read on to know more about the importance of Laundry Intelligence for your laundry business.

1. Achieve Eco Cleaning Goals

The cost and availability of natural resources like water and gas are of utmost importance in the laundry business, as they directly influence a laundry’s cleaning process. With Laundry Intelligence, managers can access reports about their water usage and electricity consumption. This leads to an accurate eco-friendly calculation of their cleaning process, thereby reducing waste in a cost-effective way. A strategy that can bring financial and environmental benefits to industrial laundries.

2. Validation of the cleaning process

Industrial laundries do not only clean clothes but also those from hospitals or food industries, where hygiene is a priority. It is therefore essential that these laundromats guarantee their cleaning processes meet specific requirements. Laundry Intelligence creates reports of the cleaning process of each batch. These reports detail the washing time and temperature control, which can be discussed with clients if needed. The report can be quickly generated as a PDF, ensuring that the clients receive transparent and accurate data about the cleaning process.

See the exact cost of a batch of laundry

3. Insights in costs

As we know, the resources used in the laundry business can have a significant influence on costs. To reduce the cost of a batch, it is essential to know the return on investment, including the cost of each wash. Laundry Intelligence simplifies this process by automatically calculating the price of a batch. Input into the system include the cost of detergents, manpower, water, and electricity. This helps in identifying areas that need cost reduction. Alternatively, Laundry Intelligence can determine the most profitable batches. This is especially useful for pricing policy so that customers get a fair price.

4. Predictive maintenance

The management information dashboard not only analyses data about water usage, electricity consumption, and the cost involved but also proactively detects faults in the machines. The system generates alerts to ensure that the machines are serviced in a timely, preventive manner, minimizing costly last-minute repairs. This further enhances the sustainability of the laundry business by increasing the life of the machines and reducing the use of energy.

The dashboard view on a laptop on a laundry manager’s desk

Final Thoughts

Laundry Intelligence is a valuable tool for industrial laundries of all shapes and sizes. The metrics offered by this system helps laundry managers in the evaluation and optimization of their cleaning process, reducing costs, and promoting eco-friendly practices. Laundry owners can be reassured of the hygiene and quality of their laundry. The system warns of potential machine issues, enabling a maintenance team to undertake preventive maintenance in a timely and cost-effective way. In conclusion, Laundry Intelligence is an investment well worth making for any industrial laundry owner.

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