What Is Infrared Drying?

Several years ago, we started testing infrared technology on Girbau dryers. The results were impressive, so we decided to implement the technology and make it available to our clients; we even created a line for dryers of our own: Futura Dry. True innovation is quite scarce in the laundry industry. So, it’s quite special that the industry is impressed by this recent development in the drying process.

Often, regular dryers cannot dry the linen in the set time; the clothes come out humid. What happens as a consequence? Right, the wet laundry goes back in the dryer. As a result, you end up using an excessive amount of gas, which in turn leads to too much hot air blowing in nature. Also, with the increasing scarcity of energy, this results in extremely high energy bills. So, by now you’re probably wondering: “What’s the the difference with my regular dryer?”

Well, to be honest, the mechanical difference isn’t that big. The difference between an infrared dryer and a normal dryer is a simple affair. Ready?

An infrared sensor is installed on an infrared dryer. This sensor ensures a shorter drying time, which actually dries the linen. In fact, an infrared dryer can save 40% time compared to a regular dryer. This way, the linen is not dried longer than necessary; thus, no more residue ends up in the environment and lower energy costs.

Futura Dry Infrared Dryer

Infrared Sensor are Universal

You’re probably wondering: “Which dryers can be installed with an infrared sensor?” Well, the answer is very simple: every one. Infrared sensors can be installed on each dryer and it’s a fairly simple process. So, chances are very high you can fit your dryer with a sensor enjoying the benefits below.

5 Proven Benefits of Infrared Dryers

This shorter drying time then results in five proven benefits for the laundry:

  • Smart energy saving
  • Better quality of the dried linen
  • The chance of wet linen after drying is minimal
  • Longer lifespan of textiles
  • 40% saving of time and costs compared to regular dryers

As an industry, we’re on our way to a green and climate friendly cleaning process. The use of infrared sensors is great extra step in achieving our green ambitions. And in the process, clients are served better since their linen’s life span increases. To come full circle, as a result of the longer lifespan, the linen don’t end up as waste in nature.  

If you have any questions about infrared drying, we’re here to answer all your questions. We offer several options, so it’s likely one will fit your needs. Feel free to get in touch to learn more or just surf over to our website.