Gone are the days when industrial laundry was a simple and straightforward business. With the increasing competition and demands for a green and efficient cleaning process, managers must keep up with the latest technology. Enter Laundry Intelligence, a cutting-edge data management dashboard that has revolutionized the industrial laundry industry. With Laundry Intelligence, managers can monitor real-time data of their washers and dryers and manage detergents, all in one user-friendly platform. In this blog post, we’ll explore the benefits and features of Laundry Intelligence and how it can help industrial laundry managers boost performance and sustainability.

Real-time data monitoring for optimal performance

Laundry Intelligence provides managers with a detailed analysis of how much water and electricity is being used to achieve ecological cleaning goals. With this feature, managers can identify areas for improvement and make informed decisions to optimize the cleaning process. They can monitor the performance of individual machines, identify potential problems before they escalate, and schedule maintenance proactively. The dashboard also provides real-time alerts for abnormal machine behavior, ensuring that the cleaning process runs smoothly and efficiently.

Laundry Intelligence and the Vartex App

Detailed reports for greater insights

Laundry Intelligence allows managers to download detailed reports regarding their cleaning process, down to the batch of laundry. This level of detail was previously inaccessible, making it difficult to track performance and identify potential areas for improvement. With Laundry Intelligence, managers can analyze data, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions. They can also use the reports to communicate with clients and demonstrate their commitment to sustainability and performance.

Just one of the many overviews users can download

Ordering spare parts and access to tutorials

The dashboard also provides managers with a wealth of resources that they can use to manage their machines more effectively. Managers can order spare parts directly from the platform or app, reducing downtime and increasing productivity. The platform also provides access to manuals and tutorials, making it easier for managers to troubleshoot problems and maintain their machines. This feature ensures that managers can keep their machines running at optimal levels and maximize their return on investment.

Order parts and manage maintenance via the Vartex App or Laundry Intelligence dashboard

Smart Dosing for a greener and more efficient cleaning process

Laundry Intelligence also connects to Smart Dosing, an all-in-one central dosing system for automatic dosing of liquid chemicals to washer extractors. The powerful PLC makes it possible to dose up to 12 chemicals and up to 15 washing machines. With Smart Dosing’s user-friendly OS, dosing detergents becomes easier and greener.

In the dashboard managers can access details of their dosing process like never before. It’s even possible to track the usage of detergents in realtime and check the volume of your tanks. And when the system runs low on detergents, it orders new quantities automatically, eliminating the need for manual intervention. This feature ensures that managers can focus on providing high-quality cleaning services without worrying about procurement and inventory management.

Smart Dosing – connected to Laundry Intelligence

Laundry Intelligence is a game-changer for industrial laundry managers seeking to optimize operational performance and achieve ecological cleaning goals. With its real-time monitoring and detailed reports, managers can identify areas for improvement and make informed decisions to optimize the cleaning process. Laundry Intelligence also provides access to resources such as spare parts and tutorials that enable managers to maintain their machines effectively. Moreover, with Smart Dosing, managers can green their cleaning process, ensuring that they use only the required amount of detergents, thereby reducing wastage and environmental impact. If you’re an industrial laundry manager looking to increase performance and sustainability, you should consider Laundry Intelligence.