There are two ways to determine whether your batch is dry. One can opt for a humidity or infrared sensor. With most dryer controls, you must pick one way. However, Smart Control for Dryers gives you more freedom. Why not dry with both an infrared sensor and humidity sensor? Well, it’s possible.

Infrared Sensor

Often, regular dryers cannot dry the linen in the set time; the clothes come out humid. What happens as a consequence? Right, the wet laundry goes back in the dryer. As a result, you end up using an excessive amount of gas, which in turn leads to too much hot air blowing in nature. Also, with the increasing scarcity of energy, this results in extremely high energy bills

An infrared sensor is installed on an infrared dryer. This sensor ensures a shorter drying time, which actually dries the linen. In fact, an infrared dryer can save 40% time compared to a regular dryer. This way, the linen is not dried longer than necessary; thus, no more residue ends up in the environment and lower energy costs.

5 Proven Benefits of an Infrared Dryer

This shorter drying time then results in five proven benefits for the laundry:

  • Smart energy saving
  • Better quality of the dried linen
  • The chance of wet linen after drying is minimal
  • Longer lifespan of textiles
  • 40% saving of time and costs compared to regular dryers

An infrared dryer with Smart Control for Dryers

Moisture Sensor

Dryers can also be fitted with a moisture or humidity sensor. In this case, the machine stops drying when a certain percentage of humidity is reached. Dependent on the program, this percentage varies. A humidity sensor can be advantageous when dealing with delicate materials, such as wool. 

Why offer both?

So, why does Smart Control for Dryers let you dry with both a humidity sensor and infrared sensor? The answer is simply user-friendliness. Our Smart Laundry product range separates itself because of its universality. That means two things. 

  1. Smart Control fits every dryer (and Smart Control for Washers fits every washer) regardless of manufacturer. 
  2. Smart Control offers the most efficient solution for everyone. So, it doesn’t matter whether you prefer a humidity sensor over an infrared sensor or vice versa.

Which one finishes first? Or just save energy?

Also, some clients like to see which one finishes first: once the moisture percentage is reached or when the infrared sensor deems the batch dry. 

Finally, the option of both allows users to be flexible. If they deal with delicate materials, they simply opt for the humidity sensor. And if they want to take advantage of the benefits of their infrared sensor (to save energy or the linen lifespan) they just dry infrared. 

Want to know more?

Do you also have a washer that you want to make smarter? No worries about the brand/manufacturer, just get in touch, and we’ll be happy to tell you more. Or feel free to visit our website to learn more about our Smart Laundry products.