We have made yet another industrial washer smarter through the conversion with Smart Control, our universal washing machine software. Recently, we shared a picture of the process and now we are happy to show you the result.

Smart Control on Industrial Washers

Smart Control is our universal software for your washing machine. Instead of outdated printed circuit boards, we deliver our software on a user-friendly PLC (partnership with Schneider). In addition, the software works on machines from every manufacturer, allowing Smart Control to seamlessly integrate with your current systems. Last year we already completely rolled out Smart Control at a laundry. This was the first laundry in the Netherlands that is fully connected to Smart Control and Laundry Intelligence (our dashboard that makes data from all machines graphical).

A few weeks ago…
There it is: the smart and handsome washer!

Clean Ecologically 

The research by TKT shows that matching the water level to the load results in strong energy savings. The institute measures a reduction of water by 34% when loading 45 kg in a 68 kg machine, provided that the water is adjusted to the load. Unfortunately, however, the latter is not always the case in practice; in fact, often coordination is not possible with the standard machine software.

TKT reports that the discrepancy between loading and water can only be solved with the correct control (software). That is precisely the purpose of Smart Control. In Smart Control you can very easily design a washing program. For example, you choose the right water usage, dosage, duration of the dosage, etc.

De “engine” that drives Smart Control

This allows you to ensure an ecologically sound water, gas and electricity use. If you wash 30KG with a 60KG machine, you can still ensure that exactly enough water is used. By default, water will be used for the capacity of 60 KG. This is obviously not ideal if your load is lower.

More information about Smart Control

For more information about Smart Control and its core functions, please refer to our websitehttps://vartex.nl/en/. Also, feel free to request a Smart Control brochure by mail.