Last week, we equipped yet another industrial dryer with Smart Control for Dryers. We thank our client for choosing the industry’s smartest control, and for being part of the Smart Laundry vision. 

This client, a large commercial laundry in The Netherlands, already had complete lines of Smart Control washers. In addition to operating their washers with Smart Control, their dryers and washers are hooked up to Vartex Laundry Intelligence. This means data from these machines is made visible. 

Laundry Intelligence: The only way to manage your laundry remotely

We’ve created the first intelligent software that helps you to manage your stand-alone washer-extractors, drying tumblers and other equipment. Until now, there was no way to connect washers and dryers to your laundry’s business software. Washers and dryers remained on an island. Disconnected from the whole laundry.

With Vartex Laundry Intelligence, you can easily connect stand-alone equipment to your laundry’s business software.

Smart Control: Universal Control for Girbau, Kannegieser… and all manufacturers

Smart Control is our universal operating system for stand-alone washers and dryers. Instead of outdated printed circuit boards, Smart Control is powered by a powerful PLC. The high-resolution touchscreen brings the intuitive operating system to life and gives you full control over your cleaning process.

Benefits of Smart Control for Dryers

There are two ways to determine whether your batch is dry. One can opt for a humidity or infrared sensor. With most dryer controls, you must pick one way. However, Smart Control for Dryers gives you more freedom. Why not dry with both an infrared sensor and humidity sensor? 

It’s entirely up to you. Determine whether the batch is dry via an infrared sensor, humidity sensor or both.

Ecological and Quality benefits

The infrared sensor ensures a shorter drying time during which the linen is dried. An infrared dryer can save 40% time compared to a regular dryer. This way, the linen is not dried longer than necessary: no more residue ends up in the environment.

This shorter drying time then results in five proven benefits for the laundry:

  1. Smart energy saving
  2. Better quality of the dried linen
  3. The chance of wet linen after drying is minimal
  4. Longer lifespan of textiles
  5. 40% saving of time and costs compared to regular dryers

Want to know more?

Do you also have a washer that you want to make smarter? No worries about the brand/manufacturer, just get in touch, and we’ll be happy to tell you more. Or feel free to visit our website to learn more about our Smart Laundry products.