What Is Infrared Drying?

A few years ago, we started testing infrared technology on Girbau dryers. The results were impressive, so we decided to supply infrared dryers to the masses. The laundry industry is critical when it comes to pure innovation. Therefore, it’s quite special that the industry is impressed by this recent development in the drying process.

Often, regular dryers cannot dry the linen in the set time. What happens as a consequence? Right, the wet laundry goes back in the dryer. As a result, you end up using an excessive amount of gas, which in turn leads to too much hot air blowing in nature.

The difference with a normal dryer is the following. An infrared sensor is installed on an infrared dryer. This sensor ensures a shorter drying time, which actually dries the linen. In fact, an infrared dryer can save 40% time compared to a regular dryer. This way, the linen is not dried longer than necessary; thus, no more residue ends up in the environment.

Proven Benefits of Infrared Dryers

This shorter drying time then results in five proven benefits for the laundry:

  1. Smart energy saving
  2. Better quality of the dried linen
  3. The chance of wet linen after drying is minimal
  4. Longer lifespan of textiles
  5. 40% saving of time and costs compared to regular dryers

Our Mission To Serve You In Achieving Your Green Goals

It is Vartex’s mission to bring the future to the present; a present in which laundries dry green. Ever since the introduction of infrared dryers, we have supplied many to green-minded laundries and linen services. We only expect to deliver more infrared equipped machines in the future. That is why we are ready for our customers who want to dry climate-friendly!

If you have any questions about infrared drying, we’re there for you. Feel free to contact us! You can also always visit our website.