In just a few days, the second year of the pandemic is in the books. We are proud to be both the partner of the world’s most largest laundries and the local heroes that keep our linen clean. During these past two years we have been inspired by the resilience and the fortitude of both, and the entire cleaning industry.

As the end of the year approaches, we would like to take the opportunity to reflect on the past year. Let us take you on a quick tour of 2021.

Girbau Washers Converted with Smart Control

We started 2021 with an important project. A large laundry in The Netherlands switched the standard operating system of 12 Girbau washers with Vartex Smart Control. In addition, we connected the machines to Laundry Intelligence, our IoT solution that makes data visible. We’re proud that this particular laundry is the first true Smart Laundry. Throughout the year, we continued to install Smart Control on many washers at different laundries. Since Smart Control is a universal control, clients can order the system for any of their washers, regardless of brand or manufacturer.

Thus-far, our clients have enjoyed the benefits of Smart Control and are happy with their new controls. We thank our clients for their trust in Smart Control.

The Effect of Shortages

During 2020, we started to hear about shortages and there were increases in prices. Companies shared warnings with their clients. This year, we witnessed the implications of shortages. Valves, for instances, were harder to get a hold of. And we all know of the sky-high prices of sea freight.

We like to maintain a positive outlook though. After rain comes sunshine; as time moves forward, we hope these shortages become less and less. Despite everything one thing is for sure: We always try our best to get our clients the best products and quickest delivery times. That’s why we’re here.

State of the Smart Laundry

Since 2016, Vartex has been committed to making laundry equipment smarter and more efficient around the globe. It started with Smart Control for Washers, the first universal control for washers. Simultaneously we developed the Laundry Intelligence dashboard (LI).

Since its inception LI has grown into a full laundry hub. It started as a tool for laundries to view the performance of their equipment in real time. And in the past year it has evolved into a place where you can order parts, check machine documentation, solve maintenance and more. Then, last year, we introduced The Vartex App, which is the first mobile laundry app.

In 2021, we updated the Vartex App with a live view of machinery. This means that now, just like in Laundry Intelligence, users can see the amount of water, gas, and electricity a specific machine uses at any given moment. Of course, the same applies to the weight of a certain batch.

Helping Laundries Dry Smarter with Smart Control for Dryers

This year we took yet another step in making the Smart Laundry a reality: We converted the first standard dryers with Smart Control for Dryers. It’s the first universal control for dryers. Among other innovative functions, Smart Control for Dryers allows users to dry with both an infrared sensor and humidity sensor (simultaneously). In 2022, we’re planning to roll out Smart Control for Dryers and the complete range of Smart Laundry products even further.

The Future

Without the feedback of our clients and partners, our Smart product range would not be as great and innovative. Our team is fuelled by our clients’ input. The same applies to our high standard of service. We look forward to keep working on the future of the laundry together.

In the new year, you can expect the same level of service and support from us. As always, you can count on us.

The Vartex Team wishes you a Merry Christmas and a healthy and successful 2022. All the best and sincere thanks to our customers and clients.