We’ve all been there. Due to a malfunctioning circuit board, an entire washer is out of business. It’s annoying, the machine won’t be up and running for weeks until the replacement arrives. It hurts because you’re not able to serve customers adequately. We cannot change the past, where we dealt with these circumstances. But there is a way prevent them from happening in the future. And then there’s the trouble of new inverters that do not work with old current circuit boards.

PLC Vs. Circuit board

Traditional manufacturing means that the software that runs your washers is written on a circuit board. It’s the heart that makes the valves pump. So you can imagine that if the heart stops working, the machine stops cleaning. That’s why Vartex created Smart Control, the first truly universal control for all washers.

We don’t use antiquated circuit boards to power washers. Instead, we’ve designed an in-house control that runs on a powerful PLC, made by Schneider Electric. This method is way more durable and accessible. If you’re stuck and in case something goes wrong (chances are slim though), Schneider PLCs are readily available at technical suppliers. And it’s up to you to choose which store you go with, unlike the situation where you’re bound to the circuit board’s manufacturer. 

Vartex Smart Control

Current Circuit Board Vs. New Inverter

The problem is that everything you need to run the machine, is on the circuit board. So when something’s broken, you cannot simply replace a small part. No, the entire circuit board needs to be swapped. Then there’s this new problem.

With increasing legislation, inverter manufacturers need to adjust their inverters (and their speed) to the specific circuit boards. This means an old circuit board will not work with a new inverter. This is a huge problem in our industry at the moment.

Smart Control Fits Every Standalone Washer Extractor

It really doesn’t matter whether you’re a client of Girbau, Jensen, Kannegieser… you name it. Smart Control will fit your machine.

30% more volume, $0 spent

After a case study, performed by Schneider Electric, at one of our major clients, user of all three of our Smart products, the results below are established:

  • On average, Vartex customers run 30% more volume, without increasing costs.
  • The output of Vartex ’customers increases on average by 20%.
  • The collection and analysis of data is automatic, which saves companies costs and prevents information from being lost.
  • Considerable time and cost savings by reorganizing washing processes.
  • Selecting washing programs is less time-consuming and error-prone. Operators select the right washing programs for each batch on a well-arranged display.

These results are not achieved by accident; they are engraved in Smart Control and Laundry Intelligence’s DNA.

12 Girbau Washers fitted with Smart Control & Green Cleaning

We recently fitted another 12 Girbau washers with Smart Control. Feel free to read about it here. And if you’re curious about the ecological advantages, read this article. We’ve engineered Smart Control to clean green and to save water. 

A complete line of washers running on Smart Control

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