When we created Smart Control for standalone washers, we knew that it would not be a static moment. Instead, we approached the process like a new operating system like Mac OSX or Microsoft Windows. And your Mac or PC is updated regularly so you have the best version possible. So, why wouldn’t you have the best washer control available?

Power of the cloud

When you update your computer or smart phone, it’s a simple affair. You just click the update button, and the computer probably warns that a restart is needed. One does not have to carry the computer to a store. Neither does a person need to drop by to perform the update. No, it’s all wireless and goes via the cloud.

Well, Smart Control updates in a similar way. Whenever there’s an update available, we notify you. Of course, there’s a huge difference between computers and industrial washers. You cannot update washer while it’s cleaning your customer’s linen. So, all we need is a right moment. You tell us when, and we take care of the rest.

It doesn’t cost a thing

And here’s another thing we’re all used to. Our Mac or Windows updates are free. Back in the old day, you had to pay for new versions of Windows, like upgrading from the beloved Windows XP to Vista. But this is 2021. The step up to the best operating system does not cost a thing.

Ecological Cleaning

Smart Control is our universal operating system for stand-alone washers. Instead of outdated printed circuit boards, Smart Control is powered by a powerful PLC. The high-resolution touchscreen brings the intuitive operating system to life and gives you full control over your cleaning process.

Sustainability is a goal that’s ingrained in Smart Control. We need to take care of our planet. And water management is a simple strategy in our green mission. Smart Control lets you match your water usage with your exact load.* So, the next time you load a 50KG washer with less than the maximum capacity, your water level will match your exact load. In other words, excessive water usage is history.

By saving water, our clients also save energy and chemicals. This means that by using just enough water, less water is heated and less chemicals are unleashed than in a standard situation. The user can adjust the water level as to the milliliter.

Learn more about Smart Laundry

If you have any questions about Smart Control or other complete Smart Laundry products, we’re there for you. Vartex is also an official Girbau, Unica and Image dealer, if there’s anything else we can assist you with, feel free to contact us! 

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