Washer and dryers in the industrial laundry use a lot of natural resources. Today, the amount of water your washer uses to clean a batch is more important than ever. The same applies to the energy your dryer uses to heat up and dry the linen. With energy becoming scarcer, it’s time to start saving our natural resources. But first, you need to know how much energy your organisation consumes. Visualising data is a great tool in this process; it helps answer questions such as: How much energy am I consuming and how much is it costing me?

IoT: Realtime Washer & Dryer Data

You may wonder: “I know my machines produce a lot of data. But how can I see the data and what can I do with it?” We see that many organizations have concerns around visualizing their data.

There is a IoT solution that takes care of all your data collection and visualization. Laundry Intelligence is an online hub for your laundry and its data. Data from your washers and dryers is sent to the platform and is at your disposal in real-time. 

An overview of a laundry’s usage data in the Vartex App and Laundry Intelligence

Users who enter the per unit costs of their energy and water sources, get a cost calculation at the end of each batch. With this little tool, organizations can get a better grip on their expenses. Especially, with the recent increases in energy prices, this way of cost management grows in popularity among users. 

Your Laundry Data in Your Pocket

Now, imagine the core functions of Laundry Intelligence in mobile form. Well, we integrated those in the Vartex App. When you open the app, you see a summary of your machinery’s performance and the most common errors.

When users open the Vartex App, they are welcomed by an overview of their machines’ usage. That means laundry managers get a direct glimpse into their output and usage in the blink of an eye. Managers do not even have to be on the floor to check their process. Even during a meeting or break, they can check their phone for a quick update. This is an essential part of the Smart Laundry idea.

Performance of a washer in Laundry Intelligence with cost calculation of water and electricity

The Smart Laundry

The Smart Laundry is a concept that goes beyond the walls of physical laundry. In the Smart Laundry, one stays up to date on the go; if you cannot be on the floor, you still see what’s going on in the laundry on your phone or laptop.

With the Vartex App, laundries get a mobile one-stop-location. In addition to checking usage data, laundry personnel can check the performance of machines, order parts, access machine documentation, become notified of errors, plan and solve maintenance, and get an overview of machines and order history.

If you wish to learn more about the power of the Vartex App, feel free to visit our website. Or reach out and we’ll happily send you a brochure of our Smart Laundry products.