As a technician, owner and manager in the laundry industry, you know that human error can cost time and money. Laundry equipment operation is no different. From selecting the appropriate program to pressing the right buttons, each step in the laundry process requires attention and precision. Fortunately, technology has made our lives easier, including managing laundry operation processes. This is where Smart Control comes in. In this blog post, we’ll dive into the benefits of using Smart Control in laundry operations and how it can help reduce human error and make your laundry processes more efficient.

Touch and Clean

Smart Control, developed by Vartex, is a universal control system that simplifies operating standalone washers and dryers. With more than 100 pre-made programs that can be customized and named after specific items like T-Shirts, linens, or towels, Smart Control eliminates the need for physical buttons and the risk of human errors. The operator can easily select the appropriate program with just one click, instead of scrolling through a list of buttons and settings. By simplifying laundry equipment operation, you can reduce the risk of human error.

Operator starts washer with Smart Control

Case Study at Elis

In 2020, Schneider Electric (SE) conducted a case study on Elis, a leading global laundry and textile rental service company. They found that operators using Smart Control in their daily laundry operations made fewer mistakes compared to those using legacy control systems. The simplicity of Smart Control allowed operators to go straight to the preferred program with ease, minimizing the risk of selecting the wrong setting or program.

Watch the video by SE here.

Line of Image dryers, run by Smart Control, in Saint Martin (Dutch Caribbean)

Make Fewer Errors

Smart Control’s feature of having pre-made programs named after specific items also ensures that laundry items are washed or dried appropriately. The risk of overloading machines with laundry or drying items at the wrong temperature is reduced when one-click does it all. The risk of damage to the machines and items is also minimized with Smart Control.

One of the biggest benefits of Smart Control in laundry operation processes is efficiency. With Smart Control, laundry equipment operates faster and more accurately, resulting in fewer errors and quicker turnaround times. This means that laundry processes are completed in a shorter time frame, thereby increasing productivity and profits. You will save time on training operators and reduce the need for maintenance on machines.

With fewer mistakes, increased productivity and efficiency, and streamlined processes, you can save time and money in the long run. After all, the laundry industry operates on tight margins, and any way to reduce costs and increase profits should be taken advantage of. Speak to your Vartex representative today to learn more about Smart Control and how it can improve your laundry operation processes.

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