These new beautiful Girbau 32 KG washers are fitted with the smartest control. Before they are headed to the client, the washers are tested and prepared at our “lab” for the best cleaning process possible. 

Brand New Girbau Washers with Smart Control

We’re proud to deliver these washers to our client, a large hospital in The Netherlands. Especially, in the medical sector insights in cleaning processes is essential. Therefore, this hospital chose for a combination of both Smart Control and Laundry Intelligence

With Laundry Intelligence they can track the actual temperature of the water, water usage and much more parameters. Among others, users can check the real-time performance of their machinery, order parts, view machine documentation and much more. All this in one platform. And what are the perks of Smart Control?

Universal software

Smart Control is our universal control for your washer. Instead of outdated printed circuit boards, we deliver our software on a user-friendly PLC (partnership with Schneider). In addition, the software is compatible with equipment from every manufacturer; Smart Control integrates seamlessly with your current systems.

In 2019, we fully rolled out Smart Control at a large laundry in the Netherlands (with machines from different manufacturers). This was the first laundry in the Netherlands connected to Smart Control and Laundry Intelligence (our dashboard that displays data from all machines).

We started fitting Smart Control on machines from Girbau; but Smart Control is universal. That means it’s compatible with washers from Primus, Unimac, IPSO, Unica, Tolon, Image, Kannegiesser, Danube… you name it.

Clean green and Save Water

You get to control the way you clean your linen. In Smart Control, you can very easily put together a tailor-made washing program. This way you choose the correct water use, dosage, duration of the dosage, etc. The program you designed is then saved; the next time you are just a single touch away from a successful batch!

This allows you to ensure ecologically responsible water use. Research shows that you can save water by 34% when a 68 kg machine is with 45 kg of linen. There’s one condition though: the water needs to match the load. Unfortunately, this is not the case in reality; in fact, coordinating water and load is not possible with standard machine controls.

However, that changes with Smart Control, which enables you to tailor your water usage to your load.

Do you also want to make your industrial washer extractor smarter?

Do you also have a washer that you want to make smarter? No worries about the brand/manufacturer, just get in touch, and we’ll discuss how you can make your laundry smarter.

Learn more about Smart Control and Laundry Intelligence by clicking the links.