For anyone in the laundry business, you know how important it is to clean efficiently and effectively. With the Vartex Smart Laundry products, you can do just that. Our products come equipped with technology that helps you achieve more volume without raising costs and reduce operator errors. We also offer solutions that make dosing and filling easier, safer, and more environmentally-friendly. Read on to discover how Vartex Smart Laundry products can help you clean smarter in 2024.

Smart Control

Vartex Smart Control is the universal control for washers and dryers. With this technology, you can achieve 30% more volume without raising costs and increase output by 20%. It also helps reduce errors made by operators. Smart Control makes it easy to manage your laundry operations. You can program and monitor the washers and dryers from one central location, and even integrate them with other systems such as your payment and inventory tracking systems.

Line of Image dryers, run by Smart Control, in Saint Martin (Dutch Caribbean)

Laundry Intelligence and The Vartex App

With Vartex Smart Laundry products, laundry owners and managers can have access to real-time data from their machines. This data can help you plan for the future, backed by data. You will even know the cost per batch, which assists in budgeting. Laundry Intelligence is accessible through The Vartex App. You can access and analyse data on your smartphone or other device, so you can act quickly and make data-driven decisions.

Smart Dosing 

Smart Dosing is an all-in-one central dosing system for automatic dosing of liquid chemicals to washer extractors. The powerful PLC makes it possible to dose up to 12 chemicals and up to 15 washing machines. With the user-friendly OS, dosing detergents becomes easier and remiss of guesswork. You will know the exact quantity of detergent used in each batch. This helps save money by avoiding overdosing or under dosing of detergents, which can result in damaging fabrics or second washes.

Smart Filling

With Vartex Smart Filling, you’re in control of filling your storage tanks safely. When the new detergents are delivered by truck in IBC tanks, Smart Filling pumps them directly to the correct tanks. A four-step procedure consisting of four QR codes confirms the right chemicals for the right tanks. When detergent stock runs low, Smart Filling will notify you so you’re not without detergent unexpectedly. Smart Filling avoids wastage and spills, therefore improving safety.

Smart Filling

Sustainable Solutions

At Vartex, we recognize the importance of sustainability, and we strive to offer environmentally-friendly solutions in all our products. Our Smart Dosing system is a good example of this. It reduces the amount of detergent used in each batch, which not only saves money but also reduces the impact on the environment. Our Smart Filling system eliminates spills and wastage, resulting in a cleaner and safer workspace. Overall, our Smart Laundry products help make your laundry operations cleaner, safer, and more sustainable.

2024 Is the Year of the Smart Laundry

Vartex Smart Laundry products offer a better way to clean smarter in 2024. Our technology helps improve efficiency and accuracy, while our sustainable solutions make your operations more responsible. With Smart Control, Laundry Intelligence, Smart Dosing, and Smart Filling technologies, you can streamline your laundry operations and concentrate on providing your customers with even better laundry services. So, upgrade your laundry equipment with Vartex Smart Laundry products to have a more sustainable future and increase profit margins.

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