Machine documentation, ordering parts, accessing machine data in real time: all in one place. That’s the IoT solution created by Vartex: Laundry Intelligence. One platform for both laundries and their suppliers to simplify their relationship; the result is a direct line to suppliers. And for those who prefer a mobile version on the side, there’s the Vartex App. 

One Stop Laundry Management: order parts, check machine manuals, etc.

With Vartex Laundry Intelligence Dashboard managers get a clear overview of their laundry. The aim is to make Intelligence Dashboard their “one-stop” location for information from their organization. That is why we continue to innovate and make personalization of data reality. In Laundry Intelligence, users can:

  • Check the status of washing/drying programs from a distance in real time. This helps you to spot machine failure quickly.
  • Receive notifications for alarms, time exceeding, temperature exceeding, and more.
  • Order parts directly without leaving the platform.
  • Access spare parts-books, user manuals and videos on the platform.
  • Set reminders for maintenance.
  • Solve maintenance.
  • Calculate the cost of one single batch.
  • Generate data reports over a certain period, per machine, time or program.

Your Laundry in Your Pocket

Now, imagine the core functions of Laundry Intelligence in mobile form; they are integrated in the Vartex App. 

When users open the Vartex App, they are welcomed by an overview of their machines’ usage and most common errors. That means laundry managers get a direct glimpse of their output and see their usage in the blink of an eye. Managers do not even have to be on the floor to check the process. Even during a meeting or break, they can check their phone for a quick update. This is an essential part of the Smart Laundry idea.

For Suppliers / Manufacturers / Distributors

As mentioned, the Vartex App is a hub for both industrial laundries and their distributors. These organizations can use the Vartex App and Laundry Intelligence to supply and support their clients. They can easily apply for their own version of the dashboard and app. That means the organization gets its own mobile store of parts within the system. With that comes the ability to upload machine documentation and (instructional) videos, and to establish a direct line to their customers. In other words, the supplier owns a (mobile) laundry hub, unique to the supplier and its clients. 

The Future of the Laundry is Smart and Mobile

At Vartex, we are committed to revolutionizing the industrial laundry industry. Our vision is to create a connected and user-friendly ecosystem for laundries, where machines provide transparent data to make informed decisions. Today, the “Smart Laundry” enables our customers to predict and meet tomorrow’s needs based on tangible data from machine performance. Together, we’re engineering the future of laundry.


If you wish to learn more about the power of the Vartex App and Laundry Intelligence, visit our website.  If you’re a supplier and want to know how you can use the Vartex App to serve your clients directly, feel free to reach out.

And if you want to explore our entire Smart Laundry product suite, feel free to drop by our website