Effortlessly manage your professional laundry with Vartex Laundry Dashboard

The first software solution for professional stand-alone washer extractors and dryers. Vartex Laundry Dashboard lets you manage your washers and dryers remotely.

Vartex Laundry Dashboards helps your laundry to:

Save time by operating and controlling stand-alone washers and dryers remotely

Analyze and optimize your washing and drying process with advanced analytics

Integrate the Vartex Laundry Dashboard with your laundry's business software

The Vartex Laundry Dashboard Makes Running A Laundry Easy


We’ve created the first software that helps you to manage your stand-alone washer-extractors and drying tumblers.

Until now, there was no way to connect washers and dryers to your laundry’s business software. Washers and dryers always remained on an island. Disconnected from the whole laundry.

With Vartex Laundry Dashboard, you can easily connect stand-alone washers and dryers to your laundry’s business software.

You can even manage the washers and dryers remotely. That means you can:

  • Get analytics from washers and dryers
  • Program washers and dryers remotely
  • Immediately check the status of the washing/drying program from a distance. This helps you to spot machine failure quickly.

Vartex Smart Control: Take Full Control Of The Washing and Drying Process


Our intelligent universal control system for washer extractors and dryers. Our control system works on any manufacturer’s machines.

Vartex Smart Control can seamlessly integrate with your laundry management system.

Here’s what you can control:


  • 20+ configurable programs
  • 10+ washing phases per program
  • Custom water levels
  • Connect with external dosing
  • Wifi Connection to program remotely
  • Safety and failure checks
  • And many more features

This Is What We Do

1. Professional Laundry Consulting

With 25+ years of experience in the professional laundry business, we’re ready to help your laundry to the next level. Do you want increase your capacity? Save costs? Improve productivity? Let’s talk.

2. Software: The Vartex Laundry Dashboard & Smart Control

Vartex is a laundry technology company. We write custom software for our laundry clients and help automize the washing process. We also have a standard solution for stand-alone washers and dryers: Vartex Laundry Dashboard. That software helps you to save time and money by offering remote operation for washers and dryers.

3. Supply Laundry Equipment & Provide Maintenance

Need new equipment to keep up with your laundry’s growth? Or is your old equipment ready for an upgrade? We’ve got you. Vartex is the official dealer of Girbau (the biggest manufacturer of washer extractors), in the Netherlands.

Vartex is the official Girbau dealer for The Netherlands

Girbau is a laundry equipment manufacturer, located in Vic, Spain. They are the largest manufacturer of washer extractors. They also manufacture professional wetwork, flatwork and finishing equipment. From Batch Washing Systems to Ironers, they manufacture it all. And we supply it all.

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